martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011


Brassavolas surge por la necesidad que tenia la gente en Comayagua por la música electrónica. En sus inicios se conformo por dos productores que empezaron a aprender en FL Studio, luego de sacar varios tracks, empezaron a mezclar para la gente en varias fiestas underground.
Debido a distintos problemas Brassavolas quedo solamente al mando de Gustavo Carvajal, quien ya ha trabajado con productores y djs nacionales como ser :
Takeshi Tong, Vostok, Didier Cabrera, Chu_5, Gary Tormack y Alejandro Lopez Sandoval. Este ultimo participa en el Primer EP lanzado por Brassavolas para Enero 2012.
Se espera que este año que viene sea de mucha actividad, fiestas y producciones.

Acá les dejo un set grabado por Brassavolas exclusivamente para TGUrbana el cual incluye tracks inéditas producidas por Gustavo a quien estaremos apoyando, espero lo disfruten.

jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

Love & Madness - Jabbar Corrales @ TGUrbana

  Love & Madness by Jabbar/H 
"What doesn’t transmit light creates its own darkness."

1 - John Tejada - The Dream (Kompakt Records)
2 - Todd Terje - Snooze 4 Love (Running Back records)
3 - Sade - Slave Song(Suburb unreleased edit)
4 - Kitano - Drifting(Deeper Meaning Records)
5 - Radioslave - K-Maze [ YouANDme Disco Dub] (Rekids Records)
6 - Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt - Milk And Honey [John Daly 5 AM at Nimos remix] ( Liebe Detail records)
7 - Baris Manko - Cacik ( Dynamicron, Discolog, Kompleks Unreleased Edit)
8 -Levon Vincent - Double Jointed Sex Freak Part 1 (Novel Sound Records)
10 -Oliver Deutschmann & Ed Davenport- Trump ( Falkplatz records)
11- Simon Baker - Grey Area (2020Vision records)
12 - Rrose- Waterfall ( Sandwell District records)
13 - Kaos - Panopeeps (Lektroluv Records)

viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

El house no es un un sentimiento

Pueden experimentar ese sentimiento mañana Sabado 12 de Nov. en Habia una 10 pm en adelante (entrada gratuita) a manos de Jabbar Corrales y su servidor.

viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

HOUSE MUSIC 11 mixed by Raul Pinseau

House music 11 es una mezcla grabada en vivo que fusiona deep, house y tech-house la cual contiene muy buenos tracks de excelentes productores de la escena del house.
En formato mp3 la pueden descargar o simplemente escuchar.

1.Nick Warren - Buenos Aires (Terry Lee Brown Jr Mix)
2.Bas Amro - Mando (Original Mix)
3.Tj Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - Emerald Bay feat Edward Capel (Scope Remix)
4.joris voorn-incident miyagi
5.A. Mochi - C2M (Gary Beck Remix)
6.Add2Basket-Now We Are Walking(Original Mix)
7.Tony_Rohr-ACB Experiment(Gary Beck Remix)
8.prompt -nijar (reset robot remix)
9.oliver s-doin ya thang(Original Mix)
10.christian smith-ghost chili
11.Spirit - No Way Out (David Tort Remix)
12.filippo mancinelli and allen may-the_hills(john selway dub)
13.funk dvoid-italoca(a g m quintrix remix)
14.Underworld-dark and long(christian smith tronic treatment remix)

sábado, 15 de octubre de 2011

TGU003 - sirm

Mezclado y grabado el mes pasado en TGUrbana headquarters :) espero les guste, un poco "rough" pero el fin era experimentar con diferentes estilos y "moods" a traves del set. Subo el playlist en un rato.

viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

Who´s the Dj

Esta vez TGUrbana se conecta con Click Track Lab en Portland, Oregon para presentar una entrevista con Apolinario Ancheta, Dj y productor principal de este concepto que combina arte (pintura, fotografia, visuales, etc) y musica en un solo espacio y noche que llaman Labworks, la entrevista la he dejado en ingles para manterner el leguaje original de las respuestas.
Les dejo parte de su nueva produccion Riviera para descargar o escuchar en linea.

  Riviera original mix by Apolinario Ancheta uploaded as promo by rockwool

*So tell me how do you approach music production? Why producing your own music?
That’s a tricky first question! I focus on the bassline first because that’s what will
carry the track. Next I’ll work on the kicks and snares so I can start to get the
rhythm down and build off of it with some hats and claps. I usually don’t refine
those early on in the process because I want to focus on the hook. Bassline and
hook, the two most important aspects to me when listening to a song. After
those are established I’ll go back and refine the kicks, hats, etc and add some dynamic
sounds and effects to round out the song and make it ready for an audience.
I started producing because of encouragement from other djs/producers that I’ve
worked with in the past. They have all repeated that in order to gain more exposure,
the only real way is through production. I completely get it, there are so
many dj’s now (and really good ones) that if you want to stand out, you have to
be recognized for the type of sound you produce.

*Why and when did you started djing?
While backpacking around SE Asia and India for a year in 2000/2001 I had met
some Swiss and German guys that I hung with for a couple of months. They
really are the ones that I can thank for introducing me to electronic music. After
returning to the US, I bought my first set of used turntables and mixer and started
messing around. We have a great dance record store here in Portland and I really
didn’t know what type of music that I liked, the guy helping just gave me a huge
stack of various genres to go through and I dug in. I walked away from there
with some deep house, drum and bass, trance, and a couple of really cheesy pop
I stayed in touch with some of those Germans and they kept sending me mixes
from artists. I got a mix of Michael Mayer’s set from Detroit in 2002 and a random
mix of Tom Clark who were both really spinning minimal at the time. It was
at that time that I really started to feel the German sound and focused my own
taste based on some of the labels and artists from there. Although I moved away
from the minimal sound, even now 85% of my sets are German-label music.

*How is the scene in Oregon, what music is people into? We have the idea that no matter where in the states there is a strong electronic scene, is it true?
Not entirely, Portland, (Oregon) has been traditionally an indie rock city. We’re
only 1 million people and the electronic scene is relatively small compared to the
larger cities. Having said that, there are very focused club and outdoor events
and the local dj’s are some of the best in their programming and mixing. Most
everyone supports one another and it keeps all of the dj’s on top of their skills
and music knowledge. I can’t think of a better place to be from a technical point
of view.
Electronic music went through a rough period in the first part of this century here
in the US, but has really started to reemerge in a positive way. The raves were a
bit much and what I like now is the more mature aspect of the parties that happen.
The really great parties are the ones where people are there for the music
and want to meet people who also share that passion. There are plenty of shit
parties where the dj thinks they’re the best and the crowd is only looking to get
drunk or high, those can be fun once or twice but then it fades.

*Where do you get your dj name from?
It’s my actual first and last name. Most people assume that I’m Spanish or Latino
by heritage, but my father is Filipino and it throws them off since I’m so white.

*How was the festival you recently played, where you involved in the organization part or just as a dj?
It was an amazing festival, it was on the furthest northern point of the Continental
US on an Indian Reservation that belonged to the Makah Tribe. Four stages
from noon until 6:00 am with dj and live acts of all focused on electronica. I had
no part of the organization of the event, was only booked as a dj with an excellent
time slot from 1:30-3:00 on Saturday night. The crowd had fun, I had fun, so
it was great all around. I always have respect for organizers who pull off large
scale events because of the time, energy, and logistics involved.

*3 of your favorite: producers, djs and labels
I think I can do a favorite 3 producers, but it’s difficult:
Tom Clark
Steve Bug
Guido Schneider
The labels that I play out the most are:
Upon You, Safari Electronique, Moon Harbour, Highgrade, & Fear of Flying. I really
enjoy Damian Lazarus’ label Crosstown Rebels, it’s got some new sounds that I
dig and have been trying to mix those tracks on when possible too

*How will you release your tracks, many djs start their own label nowadays, have you thought about it?
No. Although it’s much easier to start your own label than before, it still takes a
lot of commitment to get a new label known and marketed. It’s not a direction
that I want to take at the moment. I really want to focus on my own original releases
and direct them through other, better known labels. Well established labels
are more particular about the arrangement and sound design which forces a
producer to be the best they can be. If it takes me longer to get something released
on a bigger label then I think it’s worth the commitment for my career and

Muchisimas gracias a Apolinario por darnos su tiempo y parte de su nuevo material. Pueden visitar su sitio o su perfil en o en Facebook

viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

HOUSE MUSIC 10 mixed by Raul Pinseau

Desde el 2007 comenzamos con esta serie de sets grabados en vivo , house music 10 no es la excepcion y es realizada con excelentes tracks de muy buenos productores reconocidos en la escena del House a nivel mundial.

lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Cuarta Octava mezclado por Larry Hurst

Como regalo de su 4 aniversario Minimo Audio ha lanzado "Cuarta Octava" a cargo de Larry Hurst, una mezcla de 110 minutos bastante intensos en los que Larry usa loops y efectos para acentuar las rolas y cambios entre ellas, un set totalmente enfocado a la pista de baile. Pueden descargarla o solamente escucharla en el Soundcloud de MA. Dar click AQUI

martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

M.I.A. Born Free

Habia escuchado de M.I.A. pero nunca habia puesto atencion, este video si capto mi atencion, es una especie de metafora de lo que ella ha vivido en su pais natal Sri Lanka con la guerra civil y la descriminacion por raza y religion. El video fue prohibido en US, pero si entran al sitio web de ella lo pueden ver. La rola es buena y el concepto del video tambien, no es para tomarlo de una forma "literal", los pelirrojos podrian ser grupo religiosos, politicos, etnicos, etc.

Para poder postearlo aqui tuve que recurrir a Dailymotion

M.I.A. Born Free por trentisthenewpink

martes, 12 de abril de 2011

Coffee Deep Session Vol 2 Relax Ed - Alessxander

Apoyando a nuestros djs locales le dejo la ultima mezcla de Alessxander, espero les guste.

lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

My Cerebral Sounds - Gary Tormack (2011)

Aqui les dejo el ultimo proyecto de Gary Tormack, My Cerebral Sounds, un disco que compila sus ultimas producciones entre este y el año pasado con tracks que van desde lo experimental hasta techno y house. Para que conozcan un poco mas de Gary.....

Nacio en 1985 en Tegucigalpa, Honduras, a sus 15 años comenzo su carrera como productor de musica para videojuegos y haciendo musica para peliculas y anuncios universitarios, a los 19 años comenzo con sonidos mas electronicos hasta llegar al techno, tech-house y minimal.

Incialmente se dio a conocer en ULTRA LOUNGE donde pudo escuchar y compartir con djs como Massi Dl, Xpansul y Chris Fortier entre otros.

El disco My Cerebral Sounds surge de una investigacion personal de como la musica modifica y altera las relaciones y conexiones en nuestro cerebro para llevarnos a otro nivel de subconciencia, Gary explora tanto el lado musical como psicologico de cada sonido y efecto con el proposito de encontrar la coneccion musical con nuestro cerebro, este procedimiento no ha sido facil y aun no ha concluido. 

"La musica ha sido parte del crecimiento del ser humano por lo tanto debemos promover musica para la vida!"

Descargar aqui --> My Cerebral Sounds

Gary en MySpace

viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Alla nos vemos....................

Troy Pierce en Honduras......................Hoy...........Estacionamiento Proceres............................exite total

martes, 22 de febrero de 2011

TGU002 mezclado por Jabbar

Con la segunda edicion en la serie TGU me complace presentar esta mezcla a cargo de Jabbar, ademas de un buen amigo un gran DJ que utiliza las rolas para crear una historia, una que solo se puede narrar detras de las tornas y que nos llevara durante 100 minutos a traves de diferentes generos, voces, sonidos y ritmos para culminar con un fin epico.


Precious system-the voice from planet love (dixon chic a go edit) /running back records
Tampopo - helicopters got cameras.(tobias remix) /curlee recordings 
livio & roby-moriska /supernature recordings 
rusty james-everybodys talkin / lftd digital 
jozif - we are child / wolf+lamb 
larry heard - deja vu (musaria mix) / innervisions 
fiso da costa-trip to my roots / deep nota records 
robert and djoornse in the city 
amadou & miriam -je pense a toi / Philomena records 
a ldric- mesonges/ Scanner records 
botox- blue steel (still going remix) / Im a cliche records 
roman fluegel- disco fiasco/ Turbo recordings 
britney spears -breathe on me holden dub/ white label 
john digweed bilder (club mix ) / Bedrock records 
taras van der voode - 1998 (deetron remix) / Rebirth 
cortney tidwell-palace (michel cleiz remix) / AUS music 
andre lodeman -where are you now? / Room with a view 
pan pot - faces (vincenzo remix) / Mobilee 
tracy thorne - swimming(visionquest remix) / Strange feeling records

Grabado en vivo @ TGUrbana HQ..............para descargar hacer click en la flechita hacia abajo en el SoundCloud player.

jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

House Music 9 mixed by Raul Pinseau

House Music 9 es una mezcla de deep house , house y tech house grabada a finales de diciembre del 2010, la cual comparto con ustedes espero les guste.El triplist lo publico despues.