viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

Apolinario Ancheta (US) @ Super Cosmica (100.1 FM)

Esta noche en Super Cosmica como invitado tenemos al Dj y productor de Portland, Apolinario Ancheta quien nos deja un mix SUPER bueno y un mensaje.

"Over the long, wet, gray winter here in Portland, Oregon, I've been focused on fine tuning some tracks that I've been working on; the weather really lends itself to that. Now that spring is here, I'm getting ready for a lot more parties as well as my own upcoming wedding later in the year!

I've already been more busy this year than ever with music and am quickly booking my summer with various parties and festivals. I'm trying to coordinate a trip down to your part of the world as also, I've only been to Costa Rica, but really want to visit the other countries in Central America. If I can arrange some gigs to play then that would work out perfectly.

I would like you join my new fan page on Facebook at to stay up to date on music and upcoming releases; I've got a small fan base in Central and South America already, but if you like my music then share with your friends. Also check out the website: to signup for our regular podcast and hear some of the other great dj's in our group.

Thanks for your support and hope to see you soon! "

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