jueves, 11 de mayo de 2017

XLR8R....11 tracks.....

Nowadays the amount of music available its amazing with all the channels available, so much to process in so little time, tracks come out and dissapear so fast, that is where the job of the curators is so important; djs, selectors and websites that move the scene. XLR8R has always been a great source of new music, showcasing the new and the well stablished. All of these tracks were downloaded for free at www.xlr8r.com, Support the artists...support the scene.

Leifur James - Time
Figure-Ground - Fiero
Atish - Twiddles
Timo Maas & James Teej - Mary Wanna (SoulPhiction Dskodub)
Greymatter - Operator 8000
Higgins - Escape feat Anishka
Xinobi - Skateboarding
AKWIUS - Space
Almeeva - Clense
Matthewdavid - Puerto Rican Frogs From Glossolalia
Horos - Kthon