martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013

From SirM Studio House Music mixed by Raul Pinseau

0.Latin intro By Roger Sanchez
1. Mothership Reconnection By Scott Grooves feat Parliament Funkadelic
2. And Now By Fort Romeau
3. Bigger Than Prince(Hot Since 82 remix)By Green Velvet
4. The Partee By Roger Sanchez
5. Uppfade By Pangæa
6. Just Nin By Coyu
7. Voodoo knight By Spirit Catcher
8. "High" By Mark Fanciulli
9. Aufschieb By Mark reeve
10. Updraft By Cristhian smith & John selway
11. Outrage By Thomas Bangalter
12. Rock ‘n Roll By Daft Punk
13. Flashback(Smith & Selway 3am remix) By Laurent Garnier
14. Blaster(mark broom remix) By Mark Broom

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